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Online forex broker

Online Forex Brokers are a company, such as Avafx, Etoro, Easy-Forex which acts as a medium for matching buyers and foreign exchange or forex currencies because it is often nicknamed. They usually do this for a nominal cost or commission. Online brokers are regularly used to monitor and maintain a 24-hour foreign exchange market and help in providing liquidity on the market. A forex trader must utilize the broker to be involved in trading activities on the Forex market.

With a quick growth of the retail forex trading market (the world of ordinary forex trading for you and me), people can see more and more online forex brokers that appear every day trying to take advantage of this rapidly growing market. Often it’s hard to choose a forex broker with all the choices out there

How does a trader choose among all these brokers?

1.) Size: The first thing to consider by the trader when choosing a forex broker online is the size of the organization. Usually larger institutions have an economic scale and can offer competitive prices and offer better dealer traders

2.) Reputation: Do homework before you choose a broker, a very important reputation and how you can make a reputation for a forex online broker is trying to find traders who actually use it, see the support forum rather than searching on Google, as Google results might bring up a lot affiliate sites that promote brokers, rather than telling you the real fact

3.) Trade products: brokers that offer a variety of better trading products, for example: if there is instability in one currency pair it is recommended to trade different currencies until the stability returns, but if your broker does not offer a variety of currency pairs or products Trade then this won’t be possible.

4.) The actual trading platform: trade from graphics is very popular for modern online forex brokers, it is important to have a broker that offers a face graph, especially if you will do technical analysis before trading. Visit various websites brokers and lists for demo accounts with them to see if you like the platform before using certain brokers. Don’t rush to choose a broker, take your time and do it thoroughly because it will be worth the research.

5.) Commission: Most online brokers make money on spreads. Spread is a difference in the purchase price and selling price of a currency pair. They usually create pips names (1 pip = 1 point currency pair) Most brokers offer around 3/4 pips on major currency pairs such as USD / JPY, USD / EUR / GBP. Online Forex Brokers will register what is on their website. The lower the better spread.

6.) Forex deposit bonus is free money: Many people usually don’t see the benefits of this forex deposit can actually be done on your account. These days with online forex brokers become very competitive so they offer a very profitable deposit bonus, sometimes even up to 100% of your original deposit. This basically means that you deposit $ 100 and you get $ 100 again added to your account to trade. Only by doing that you have made a 100% profit on your investment, not a bad investment.

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